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The Vida Smart Solutions team is a committed group of professionals dedicated to your telecom and security needs.

Our mission, to form a company focused on creating a seamless user experience for customers who will integrate technology into their business and homes to secure their assets, protect their loved ones, and manage various aspects of their home and business through the use of the latest technology.

That vision has inspired the rest of us to help develop Vida Smart into something refreshing. We are an infusion of vitality into an old, stale industry. Fueled by our love for the convenience, independence, and efficiency that modern technology offers, we work relentlessly to improve your telecom and security experience. It’s our belief that all telecom and security applications should be powerful, mobile, and accessible in real-time, just like the other major technologies in your life.

Our innovative team defies traditional limitations because, just like you, we have important things to protect. We’re homeowners concerned about locks and energy bills. We’re parents who want to check on their kids from work. We demand powerful, around-the-clock security, and we want it for you, too! Vida Smart represents a new force. Our team has cultivated experience from all over the industry and used it to create a new philosophy that’s all about you. An unrivaled dedication to customer service is not just something we do. It’s something we believe in.


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